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About me (Ben Wegg):

I am a qualified (VTCT) Sports Masseur, recently returned to the Loughborough area, in the process of setting up a practice.

I qualified as a sports masseur in 2011, an accredited course at Loughborough College and was awarded "Student of the Year". I practiced massage part time until making it my main focus in 2016.

I am keen on continuing to develop my skills through  individual study and working with other practitioners.

My regular clients have included a wide range of people, from elite athletes to builders, home-makers, teachers, a TV presenter, and the over 70s, all of whom had individual needs and have benefited from the services I provided them.

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and am insured through them.

I tend to work more firmly than the average sports masseur where appropriate as it gives the best results.

Yes, unfortunately that is the best photo of me from a number of attempts.

How the service works:

I am based on Bakewell Road in Loughborough at a facility I share with Loughborough Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I can also bring my equipment to your home, club or other place convenient to you to provide treatment if you are unable to come to me. I am perfectly happy for you to have somebody else present during treatment.

I will travel to Loughborough and the surrounding area (a 15 minute drive in low traffic) for the rates quoted below. I am prepared to travel further afield for more than one client or at a higher rate – please contact me if you would like more information.

My  rate is £35 per hour or £20 for half an hour.

What to expect from your first treatment with me:

My preference is an hour session for your first treatment with me to allow time for:

  • a discussion about your requirements and any specific areas of concern
  • postural assessment and/or palpitation (feeling an area, usually through clothes, to assess soft tissue) if applicable
  • a short consultation form to capture the discussion and confirm treatment is suitable (e.g. no recent surgery on the area of concern)
  • agree the treatment for the session
  • treatment - usually 55-60 minutes
  • aftercare advice (e.g. posture or stretching) if applicable

Subsequent treatments

For subsequent sessions I try to maximise the treatment time within the booking but still value the aftercare advice.


“I would fully recommend you see Ben for treatment whether for general aches and pains or for enhancing elite level sporting performance.

Without his skill, knowledge of the body, and determination to solve any muscular or bio mechanical problems I would have been struggling to get out of bed in the morning, never mind train and compete at international athletics.

Having myself moved on from competing to treating world class athletes, triathletes, rock climbers, rugby players, archers and many more, I would happily walk out of my clinic and leave Ben to take over as my clients would still get exactly what they need.”

Mike A, Age 30s, Sports Masseur and Elite Athlete (Former National Javelin Champion)

“I originally went to Ben when I had cartilage trouble in my left knee. After only one, albeit very intense, session of massage the range of motion in that leg had improved considerably and I could walk without the pronounced limp I had before.

Further sessions reinforced the strengthening of the muscles and the blood flow around my knee.

Ben loves his work and while his sense of humour is never far away, he displays a very knowledgeable and professional attitude at all times.”

Steve T, Age 60s, Handyman and Fitness Enthusiast

Please note: massage cannot repair cartilage damage but I was able to release the tightness in the surrounding muscles, reducing pressure on the joint, which eased Steve’s pain.

“I first went to see Ben with pain in my neck, shoulders and back. He showed me how bad my posture had become, explained the effect of this on my muscles, performed some very intense massage then gave me some stretches to do at home and other solid aftercare advice. I felt the benefits immediately and have continued to do the stretches so now I seldom have to see Ben and only as a preventative measure. Thanks Ben!”

Reshma B, Age 30s, Training Provider and Keen Hiker

“I have received treatment from Ben for a mixture of long term ailments as well as to resolve some areas of general tightness.

Firstly, with regards to my long term issues I initially received his service to help take the edge off the pain and can now say that thanks to him something which I thought I would have to grin and bear for the rest of my life is now on most days no longer an issue at all.

Meanwhile with regards to general areas of tightness, with my lifestyle they crop up from time to time, however is great knowing that my next session will begin the process of resolving and preventing the issue.

Ben is both professional and incredibly knowledgeable in sports massage and rehabilitation, which he imparts in a very easy to understand manner.

I completely trust Ben and would fully recommend his service to everybody from domestic cleaners who may have even only slight issues of tightness, to manual labourers, to elite athletes.”

Radzi C, Age 20s, Presenter, Former Skeleton Bobsleigher, Martial Artist and Gladiators Semi Finalist

“Having suffered from exercise-induced shoulder and back pain for some time, with no alleviation through other interventions, I was recommended to try sports massage.  The assessment quickly identified the cause of the pain and the treatment not only addressed the discomfort but benefited my overall posture.  The exercises I was given as aftercare have helped the benefits of treatment to be maintained and recurring injury prevented.  I would thoroughly recommend Ben’s treatment both as an aid to recovery and as a preventative intervention.” 

Rebecca W, Age 40s, Centre Manager and Recreational Sportswoman

“As a martial artist, I have found that my ITB, hamstrings and adductors get very tight. Ben has always been able to free them up, where others have failed, giving me back good flexibility. I was also very impressed when Ben found, and was able to help, an injury from over 10 years ago.”

Ritz S, Age 40s, Data Manager and Tae Kwon Do Black Belt

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